Friday night Follies

This is what helped do me in last night.  59 total WW points for the day!!! I believe I broke a personal record, but it was for a good cause.  My cousin Beth wanted to cook me dinner for my 50th birthday. She turned 50 earlier in July and is happy to have some company in the “50 Club” and has also started on a health kick as well.   Our french grandparents always referred to us a “partners in crime” and the title sticks to this day.  We’ve certainly gotten into plenty of trouble together and now we embrace good food and wine.  Beth is a chef, although currently she is caring for her father who has Parkinson’s Disease  so she isn’t working in a restaurant but she still loves to cook.  I was expecting tenderloin, or a fat lasagna or pasta but she wanted lobster.  And not just any lobster – 4 pound lobsters!!  They were big suckers.  I actually only ate the claws  – the tail is in the fridge for tomorrow.  Of course this isn’t all we had.  We started with a bottle of champagne.  So 1/2 bottle of champage is about 12 points I figure.  Then we had shrimp cocktail (delicious!! 8 – 10 count) and started on the red wine and finished off a large one of those between the two of us.  She also cooked some grains and I’m not sure why because we only picked at them. I ate an ear of corn as well.

Needless to say, I’m a bit lethargic today.  Red wine gets into my joints and makes them ache. Rheumatoid arthritis is definitely affected by your diet – I can tell when I’ve eaten rice, pasta or had too much wine.  But as punishment, I got up and did some Saturday house cleaning and did just come back from a 45 minute brisk walk.  I find on the days when I feel sore and achy, I tell myself that I just need to get out and do something for 10 minutes and typically once I actually get started I keep up with it – which worked for me today.

Tonite I’m doing it all over again.  I have a friend in town from CA that I’ve known since we were about 10 so there are 6 of us meeting for dinner.  I am checking the menu in a moment on the web to decide what I’m eating ahead of time.  I did that yesterday for lunch and it worked well.  Except them I ordered the special which was tilapia over greens.

I’m going to be working to try to pretty up the blog and add more features.  I’m a technophobe so doing all of this will take time, but I’ll get there.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Just like my PHAT50diet!!!


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