One is Done!

Week one is done. I overcame my particular hurdles and was able to drop 2.2 pounds! I really didn’t find it as hard this week as I have past times on WW. Of course I love July and August because of the fresh vegetables available at the neighborhood farm. This week I made caprice salad one night, vegetarian stuffed zucchini (1 cup of bulgar wheat is only 4 points) and I made corn salsa. Each day, lunch was a cucumber, tomato and 3 ounces of turkey. I walked everyday and overall feel terrific.

Today is Friday and it’s a long weekend in RI. We are the last state to still celebrate the politically incorrect Victory over Japan day. Only now we call it Victory Day so as not to disrespect Toray Industries – a large Japanese employer in RI. I’ve got a business lunch today, and my cousin the chef is cooking me a belated birthday dinner tonite. It will include far too much red wine, this I know. She just makes you eat and drink and although I’ve warned her, I know she will be making something rich and enticing. Tomorrow night is a dinner with old friends, but they’re all very thin and so I think that will be incentive enough. Monday we’re having dinner in Newport with friends, but it will be seafood so as long as I can watch the wine and keep it to 2 glasses, I hope to be fine.

I stayed pretty close to my daily points total and went over a couple times each day and finished the last of my weekly points last night at a clambake. I earned 43 activity points, but only swapped 2. I think had I not had 3 beers at the clambake yesterday, the 2.2 pounds might have been a hair more. Ah well. It’s a lifestyle change, isn’t it? This weight didn’t come on overnight, it’s not going to go away overnight.

Either way, I’m pretty jazzed with how the first week went. I know they all won’t be this positive, so I’m glad I have my blog to refer back to and remind myself of the good and bad weeks.

Ok – time to hit the showers.  Below is a photo of my local farm stand that I visit almost every day.  Thanks Timmy!


2 thoughts on “One is Done!

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with your weight loss journey. You have already inspired me. I love the photo! I usually visit Amish farms which are an hour to two hours from where I live. I love the scenery and I love the way that live.

    • Thanks Lana!!! Glad that I could be an inspiration to you. I think the internet is fabulous because it opens us up to so many inspiration people. I look forward to following you as well!!


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