Sunday, Funday

Finally – it’s Sunday. I specifically picked Fridays for weigh in because traditionally I’ve been better during the weeks and tend to save my extra points for weekends and I’ve used up more than half my extra points, although I have activity points to trade later in the week. After eating healthy all day yesterday, and doing lots of housework, we went to see an old friend play some music last night and Chris ordered a small pizza. Which is different from the large we used to order. I did hold myself to 2 very small triangles. In the past I would have had twice that amount. So I was happy with that – and I did have 3 Captain and diet cokes. 40 points for the day.

But today is Sunday – no pressure for big food or drinks. Nope, today we’ve barbequed some chicken to have over arugula from the garden and I made corn salsa and have put a huge ice water aside. Chris, the realtor, has an open house and so I will walk the neighborhood while he does the open house and then we’re going to Beavertail – a beautiful spot in RI overlooking the ocean. We’ll walk the dog some more and have our picnic and watch the sunset.

My hurdles this week are a Pawtucket Red Sox game Monday night at the BBQ tent. I’m already planning out what I will eat and drink in my mind. Thursday is an annual trade association clambake which has always involved much beer in the past. I will just have to trade that up for water – I always arrive a little later in order to miss the clamcakes and I’m not a big butter person with lobster. Again, I think that it will be important to be telling myself all week that I won’t be overindulging at these events.


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