A little bit about me


I think that I had decided to make a concerted effort to get healthy and fit earlier this summer, but decided to wait until after the 50th. There were a lot of things going on and let’s face it, dieting takes time and effort. And lifestyle changes. Which I’m ready for NOW. I’m tired of the yo yo and quite honestly, for me, once I lose weight and start looking good, then if I lay off the dieting for even a short length of time, the weight comes back. Then I lose control of not only my eating, but all aspects of my life.

Turning 50 was a big catalyst for me because overall I don’t think I look 50 and I don’t act it. I’m very active which is going to get harder at this age if I don’t lose weight. I know it.

I chose weight watchers because it’s worked in the past and I love the online tools and now I can do it from my blackberry as well. How convenient is that? No need to carry the book around in my purse and hope that I won’t lose it somewhere and heavens if someone sees my weight!!!

I see two primary hurdles in this journey – the first being alcohol – I love two glasses of wine in the evening, or a cocktail on the weekend. That will have to be significantly curtailed. My second hurdle will be Christopher, my significant other. He’s Italian, muscular and a foodie. He’s got a small belly which will disappear quickly. He craves pasta at least once or twice a week, uses olive oil liberally and loves having a woman as passionate about food as he is.

Dealing with those two hurdles will make or break this journey. I think I’m ready to clear the both of them.

Christopher, my significant other and primary hurdle


2 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. I just turned 50 as well and started my blog for this very reason >>> to make healthy changes in my life. This is a difficult journey BUT if we both put our minds to it… We can reach our individual goals. GOOD LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY.

  2. Thanks FatgirlUSA!! I’ve taken a quick peek at your blog and put in my google reader so I can track and share our journeys. I’m very new to blogging and have a lot to learn as I look at your blog!!! My attitude is more KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!! I wrestled with the same issues about the weight and actually putting it on the blog, but you know what – maybe actually having that number in public will make me more accountable. Squeezing myself in my shorts this morning also is making me more accountable!! See you around!

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